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Primal Childhood Deconditioning

May 24-31, 2024

New Eden, The Netherlands


Do you know there is more to life, but it seems difficult to break free from inner blocks, limiting beliefs, and take control over your life?

We invite you to come home to self-love and believe in yourself.

The Primal-Childhood Deconditioning Retreat is a seven-day residential, personal growth experience that offers life transformation through deep healing. If you want to live a self-authorized life of freedom, self-love, and flow, then you have to strip away the unhealthy layers of conditioning, ego defenses, and trauma that block your connection to who you really are.

Please secure your seat soon:

To ensure that everyone is well held in this program and gets the support and attention they need, we have limited the number of available spots.

Retreat Tuition: € 1900.- ( includes the € 200.- pre-payment)

Acc/Food: € 950.- (Standard accommodation is based on participants sleeping in two ore more persons bedrooms and three beautifully prepared organic vegetarian/vegan organic meals)

Single rooms available for € 1400.- (limited number available), incl. food.

This Retreat is open to everybody, but please only apply if you are truly committed to change as part of your healing journey and create the space to do your inner work.

Get started with your initial discovery talk.

You can’t be an adult alive today who hasn’t experienced some kind of emotional pain from the time when you have been a child, even with the best parents and their best intentions.

Get started with a free discovery talk with Puja and discuss how you can join our next retreat.

Connect with us when you are serious about change...


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Meet the Primal Team

Join Puja Lepp, Creator of the Primal Childhood Deconditioning and Primal Matrix Retreat and members of our dedicated team, for our next online information evening.


It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with us and get more information about the Primal - Childhood Deconditioning Retreat and its benefit, get a feel for the work or ask any questions you might have.


All are welcome, so feel free to invite curious friends and family to join in.

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