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Retreats, Workshops & One-on-One

Explore our services and find the one that works best for you. Begin your journey with a free discovery talk with Puja.


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Primal Childhood
Deconditioning Retreat

A week-long personal development retreat that offers a complete emotional, physical, mental and spiritual reboot.

Primal Matrix
A Graduate Retreat

This new, exciting next step retreat is an opportunity to expand the work of the Primal - Childhood Deconditioning Retreat, into a deeper understanding of your character and personality.

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Our Retreat Venues

Our venues offer magical settings dedicated to your personal growth in beautiful retreat atmospheres.

One-on-one Sessions

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One on One Sessions
with Puja

Book a one on one session with Puja and give yourself the gift of radical self-care and clear out issues with conscious individual therapy and coaching sessions.

"I am the Primal – Childhood Deconditioning founder, a seven-day personal growth retreat that offers life transformation through deep healing and helps you to discover who you really are, freeing you to make conscious choices in your life." - Puja Lepp

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