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Thea Maillard

Primal Facilitator Trainee (German)


The journey to myself began in my early twenties in the hope of finding answers on how to live a happy and purposeful life.
Thus far, I had led my life trying to meet family and societal expectations and had completely lost myself.
I had shut down the part inside of me that connects me to my deep inner wisdom and intuition and found myself in a whirlpool of pressure to perform and self-criticism.

The most transformational and powerful step on the path to loving myself was my participation in the Primal Childhood Deconditioning Retreat with Puja.
Tending to my Inner Child and facing my childhood wounds showed me how to embrace all aspects of my Being.

The light as well as the darkness.

Not only did this retreat change my relationship to myself and my family and thus my outlook on life, it also changed my career path and let me to train in Humanistic and Spiritual Therapy. 

child hands.jpg

I dream of a world in which all people dare to look at their childhood conditioning and heal the wounds they carry around, as I truly believe that this work changes the world for the better.

Originated from Berlin, I now live in beautiful Vienna with my loving husband and gorgeous two-year-old son Levi.

I offer classes, workshops, and one-on-one sessions in Vienna, Berlin, and online.
I am also the founder of the podcast: "Authentic stories about giving birth."

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