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Primal Matrix
A Three-Day Residential Graduate Retreat

Remember how you felt on the last day of The Primal - Childhood Deconditioning Retreat?

Open. Real. Connected. Raw. Alive.


As a Graduate of Primal - Childhood Deconditioning, you might ask yourself? How can I further my experience? How can I live through my newly discovered true self?

This next-level Retreat skillfully builds on the Primal-Childhood Deconditioning Retreat. It is a wonderful opportunity to expand the work into a far deep understanding of your character. It also reveals how the “shadow” fixation of your ego-defense mechanism deeply affects your current adult life.

We will move the focus from discovering the source of your patterns

(Mum&Dad) to your daily life´s challenges, including relationships, sexuality, family life, finances, career, health and emotional well-being.

Join us to reconnect with that lovely "Primal Vibe" of a community of like-hearted souls sharing a collective healing experience.

You will walk away with a solid personal plan of action to integrate your new life hacks and apply them to your life.

Open to previous participants of the Primal the Primal - Childhood Deconditioning  Retreat.

Should you have participated in some other Primal related work or have done your Primal Work somewhere else, please connect with us. You might still be able to join us.

Be prepared for a deep dive!


“It is indeed a next step and further deepening of all the breakthroughs and openings you had during the Primal – Childhood Deconditioning Retreat. I learned how to integrate it in my life, at home, relationships and work.  It sent me off on my new path with a clearer direction. Fantastic. Thank You Puja”

Peter Seller, Primal Matrix Graduate

Some of the hot topics we are going to work with during Primal Matrix:

  • Do I blame others for the circumstances of my life?

  • Do I spend time in the pit of self-pity?

  • Do I envy others who always seem to get what they want out of life? 

  • Do I feel victimized by others when situations don’t work out the way I wanted them to?

  • What fears have the most authority over me? What happens when fear overtakes me?

  • Do I agree to some things out of fear that I otherwise would not agree to?

  • Do you ever find yourself doing something halfway or compromise because you’re afraid you might lose your income, your job, your marriage, your home, your family, or your friends?

  • Do I tend to feel more powerless than powerful? Where do I lose my power?

  • Have I let creative opportunities pass me by?

  • How many times do I lie or tell untruths to gain something personally?    

  • How often do you set new plans in motion, only to end up standing in your way because of the fears that undermine those optimistic plans?


Expected outcome from the Three-Day Primal Matrix Retreat

  • To pull yourself out of the suffering your fear causes, and forgive yourself for decisions born out of fear.

  • To become aware of the difference between fear and true gut instinct.

  • To evaluate your relationship to power, particularly in your interactions with people you have control and survival issues.

  • To construct healthy boundaries, stand your ground without sacrificing your values and finding out what is true for us.

  • Taking responsibility for your reactions gives you the courage and resilience to take positive actions in challenging situations. 

  •  To become a co-creator in your life by moving you to choices that empower you and your life expression.

  • Explore together what it means to live a spiritual life truly, becoming a team player rather than a team slayer.

“I just love Puja`s very embodied and clear path towards healing. Everybody who has done the Primal- Childhood Deconditioning Retreat should continue with this groundbreaking new Primal Matrix Retreat. It brought it really home for me. I got a clear understanding of where to move next in my life."

Eric van Dongen

Primal Matrix

Primal Matrix is an all-inclusive residential retreat offering an advanced integration training program for Primal- Childhood Deconditioning Retreat or Individual Primal Graduates. The Retreat uses a powerful combination of the Primal Tools alongside psychological archetype work.

As ever the active meditations, ambient music, delicious food, and the Bavarian nature with a view of the Alps itself will provide their own additional medicine for your soul.

While challenging, this Retreat is held in a secure container of presence, honesty, love, and integrity, upholding the highest ethical standards.

Be prepared for a deep dive.

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One on One Sessions
with Puja

Book a one on one session with Puja and give yourself the gift of radical self-care and clear out issues with conscious individual therapy and coaching sessions.

Register for an info evening

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Meet the Primal Team

Join Puja Lepp, Creator of the Primal Childhood Deconditioning and Primal Matrix Retreat and members of our dedicated team, for our next online information evening.


It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with us and get more information about the Primal - Childhood Deconditioning Retreat and its benefit, get a feel for the work or ask any questions you might have.


All are welcome, so feel free to invite curious friends and family to join in.

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