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Will Hardie

 Primal Facilitator Trainee (UK)




Will is a psychologist, journalist, entrepreneur and adventurer whose overachieving life fell apart into depression, alcohol, divorce and breakdowns. A decade of mainstream therapy and antidepressants got him nowhere. It was time to crack open his resistance to “spiritual” work and go deeper. That happened at Primal, and it changed everything.

He reconnected with feelings that had been locked away, and found new perspectives and tools that finally offered solutions to the dysfunction in his life. He found happiness in himself through a community of healing that now includes some of his best friends — and best of all, by opening his heart, he also found the love of his life.

I followed numerous self-development courses and therapies to dig up the causes of my inner critic. Of course, I found many answers and insights; the behavior, however, stayed.


It wasn’t until I did Puja Lepp’s Primal Deconditioning retreat that I learned to integrate those insights and awareness into my body and thus into my daily life. It has been a real game-changer.

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Will loves to staff Primal retreats to immerse himself in the truly life-changing power of this work, and to be part of the journey of other souls who once were lost and who are committed to making profound change in their lives.

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