Eva Di Pierro

Primal Facilitator Trainee (Italian)

I have always felt like a pioneer in my beautiful, however, often conservative country: “Bella Italia”.

My most important values are love and freedom, and my actual life started about 20 years ago when I realized I wasn't free at all!

This awareness has taken me on a profound and transforming journey.

Through Tantra, Bodywork, and Jungian Coaching, I learned to think less, feel more, and trust my intuition. Passionate about personal and spiritual growth, my goal is to support and inspire people, especially women, in their transformational journey to live their best lives.

I am a Jungian and Tantra Coach, and I also work as a myofascial energetic release bodyworker. My brand is "Reconnect you," and I have combined the tools and skills I have acquired from some of the best teachers and mentors I've been trained by to create the "conscious bodywork & coaching approach."

Since 2020 I'm honored to be part of the Primal Team of Puja Lepp and be in this profound and transformative work, which has been one of the essential game-changers in my life.

Holding Hands Up High

I love to see the transformation in people and their bright faces when they step into their authentic selves and, therefore, in their power. It makes my life meaningful.


In addition to my work, I like to travel, meet people, network, have fun, and of course, Italian cuisine and a nice glass of red wine. I am based in the beautiful city of Turin/Italy.