Adam Rice

 Primal Facilitator Trainee (USA)

Adam in India - head shot_edited.jpg

For much of my life, I lived under the pressures of cultural, societal and parental expectations and influences that most of us are exposed to from the time we are born until we reach adolescence and beyond. This conditioning created a kind of facade, a face that I showed to the world to gain the love and respect I so desperately searched for, yet which didn’t feel in line with my True Self. 

Over the years, I attended many workshops, read countless self-help books, and talked to therapists and healers. Still, I could never really put my finger on what was missing until I traveled to India in 2007 and participated in Puja’s Primal - Childhood  Deconditioning retreat. 

Here, I learned to look with honesty at my shadows, confront the pain and traumas around my childhood and parental conditioning, release years of stress from my body, and dive more deeply into the depths of my emotions and my soul.

In essence, I learned who my AUTHENTIC self was.

Coming originally from a business and entrepreneurial background, I grew into an internationally renowned yoga and meditation teacher, a shamanic healer, founded Ecstasis Transformational retreats, and co-founded the "Order of Honorable Men".

My "Beyond the Mind" coaching programs, and men's work with the Order of Honorable men, draw upon many Primal principles to help clients move through long-held belief systems, and the shamanic plant medicine work I do in my Ecstasis retreats opens up completely new levels of healing and insight. 

I currently travel the world teaching workshops, retreats, and festivals and I am proud to be part of the Primal Core Team.